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How Instant App Can Help Your Business

Your Brand, Your App

Customize your instant app with your own branding image and copies and run A/B testing for best conversion rate.

Scan to Order

Create a virtual menu so customers can scan to order at the store front or at the table side or from their home - order, pay and tipping all in one place.

New Marketing Channels

Qrcode, NFC Tag, link, Map, customer can access your instant app from anywhere. Put your codes on the window, on table, on map, share them on Yelp, FB, Twitter, new ways to market to your customers and collect ratings and reviews.

Native Experience

An APP without installation with better experience, supporting instant payment, location tracking and push notifications. A must have for your overall digital ordering experience.


Why Use Clipbase to build your App Clips/Instant App


No Commission

Fixed monthly subscription fee, no hidden cost.


24x7 Support

We provide instant and around clock support - chat, email and call.



We get your instant app ready and launch in 24-48 hours.


Deployment package

We generate beautiful QRCode menu and window decal with your brand you can deploy.

Boost your businesses with mobile ordering powered by instant app with your own branding

Create My App Clip

Everything you need to build your own branded App Clip/Instant App to boost your business

Indie Store
  • Payment Process Fee: 5%
  • Everything you need to manage your app clip
  • Access all features
  • No hidden fee, no up-front fee
  • Merchant ordering console
  • Kitchen workflow integration
Chain Stores
  • Payment Process Fee: 5%
  • Everything you need to manage your app clip
  • Access all features
  • No hidden fee, no up-front fee
  • Merchant ordering console
  • Kitchen workflow integration
  • Special customization

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Frequently asked questions

What is Clipbase?

Clipbase allows you to create your own store's instant app (or apple app clips) instantly. With instant app, your customers can interact with your business directly at the store front or in-store dinning.

How do I get started?

Click Get Started Link and fill out the form. We will contact you and confirm store information. Then in next 48 hours, your clips will be live and ready to use. You will also access the deployment material from us so you can put on your store window or tables.

Is the Clipbase free?

Clipbase charges for a monthly service. Currently, we are offering one month free and special deals for early partners.

What is Instant App?

Instant app or Apple App clip is a mobile app that user does not need to download. Today, website and mobile app are two majors platforms for business. If businesses want to have their own mobile app, they need to build it, maintain it and marketing it -- which is very challenging for local businesses. As a consumer, you know how hard to convince you to download a new app. Instant app solves this problem by creating a light native app without installation so your customers can use the instant app to interact with you and forget.

Why I need Instant App?

Customers are used to digital ordering and you need to provide mobile ordering solution for your pickup and takeout as well. 3rd party delivery service is too expensive, you can leverage your own instant app to support scan to order and contactless ordering.

We already support scan to order, why I need instant app?

Instant app can be launched by scanning the QRcode or clicking the links etc. Using instant app to support scan to order, it does not require user to create account or type in payment information. It is native so it is 10x faster. The user experience is much much better. You can give it try and comparing it with the solution you are using and see the difference. (Scan the qrcode on the top of the page and see how clips works in practical).